Everyone has a cause.

What’s yours?

It’s easier than ever to start a campaign and become someone’s hero.



These ordinary people used GoFundMe to do extraordinary things. What’s your cause?


For the past 20 years, this foster father has cared for terminally ill children and given them a loving home when no one else would. When a reader came across his story in the LA Times, she set up a campaign to thank and help Mohammed. In just two months, 7,574 people donated nearly $400,000 to support his ongoing dedication and love for the children he fosters as if they are his own. 




Katie teaches at a low-income school where most children don’t get the chance to learn how to ride a bicycle because they can’t afford one. She wanted every student at her school to have a bike to call their own, so she set up a GoFundMe to make it a reality. In 3 months, Katie raised over $80,000 to fulfill her dream. 



Ibra was born with cerebral palsy and has had to use a wheelchair his whole life. The problem: his current chair was breaking down and his family couldn’t afford to replace it. That’s when his teacher Matt Johnson stepped in to help. Matt set up a GoFundMe, and watched the donations pour in. Friends, fellow students, and teachers all pitched in — raising over $32,000 so Ibra could get the new power wheelchair he needed. 



Making a difference is easier than you think. Go beyond giving & start a campaign today.



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