[t]GoFundMe Verification and Transparency Guidelines[/t]

[t]Verifying Your Campaign[/t]

[t]The best way to verify your campaign—and make sure your donors feel comfortable giving—is to connect your campaign to your Facebook account. Learn how to verify your campaign.[/t]


[t]Once your campaign is connected, you will still have total control over what gets posted to Facebook. Verifying your campaign will also ensure your campaign is listed in our Public Search Directory.[/t]

[t]Creating a Transparent Campaign[/t]

[t]A clear, transparent campaign benefits both you and your potential donors. We ask that you include these details in your campaign description:[/t]

  1. [t]Who you are[/t]
  2. [t]Who you are raising the funds for[/t]
  3. [t]Your relationship to the beneficiary (the person receiving the funds)[/t]
  4. [t]How the funds will be spent (be specific as possible)[/t]
  5. [t]How the funds will be delivered to your beneficiary[/t]
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