Fundraise for Your Study Abroad Adventure

Join thousands of students who’ve raised money on GoFundMe to study abroad.

Are other students using GoFundMe? 

In 2015-2016, students raised over $60 million for college expenses on GoFundMe, including studying abroad. GoFundMe has become a trusted destination for friends, relatives, teachers, and others to rally behind students they support. 

Is setting up a GoFundMe easy? Will I have time for it? 

Yes! You can set up a GoFundMe in 5 minutes! We know your schedule is packed with exams, class work, and campus activities, so we’ve made it really easy to tell a good story and share it with your community. 

How do I make sure my campaign will raise money?

  • Tell us why you’re excited to study abroad and explain what you need help paying for.
  • Let your donors know how grateful you’d be for their support.
  • Check out this guide for more fundraising tips!

“I wouldn’t have been able to afford my flight to Madrid had it not been for GoFundMe. I was extremely surprised by how much support I received—and now, years later, I actually live in Spain. GoFundMe played an important role in getting me here.” 

Start Fundraising

Explain where you’re going and what you’re excited to learn and experience while abroad.

Spread the Word

Let aunts and uncles, teachers and mentors, family friends, and your extended network know about your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Get Funded

Receive debt-free funding towards your trip. No deadlines or goal requirements.

Ready to start a campaign today?

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