Meet Rosa 1

Meet Rosa.


Rosa is a recent high school graduate from Santa Ana, California. Back in December, she and her single mom received the news that their dream had come true: Rosa had been accepted to Harvard’s class of 2020!


Their years of hard work had finally paid off. The last piece left was for Rosa to visit Harvard, meet her advisors, and figure out financial aid – but they couldn’t afford her flights or travel expenses.


That’s when Rosa decided to create a GoFundMe campaign. She never could have expected what happened next.


Donations started pouring in from all over. Rosa’s story moved the GoFundMe community, and they quickly helped her raise the money for her Harvard trip. Rosa and her mother were amazed by the donors’ support and encouragement.


What surprised Rosa even more was when many donors said they identified with her story. The overwhelming positive response to her campaign led Rosa to tell us: “It’s like I’m living the dream of many people.”


This back-to-school season, we challenge you to go beyond giving and start an education campaign for someone in need:


Education donors like you helped Rosa get to Harvard, where she’ll start classes this fall. There are students, teachers, and classrooms near you who could use a hero, too. If you can help someone in your community, please take a few minutes to start an education campaign.

Thanks for stepping up and making a difference!

The GoFundMe Team

What is GoFundMe?

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