Cheer Fundraising:

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Money for Cheerleading


2,4,6,8: Get the funds needed so your Cheer Team can participate

By Meghan S.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already fully aware that being a part of a cheer squad takes more than just grit and athletic ability. Of course those things are crucial, but in order to show the world what you can do, you need to invest a lot of time, effort and of course, money.
Practice clothes and pom poms aside, joining a competitive cheer gym can cost on average of $2,000-$3,000 per year. As if that’s not enough, honing this craft often requires extensive training through cheer camps and private lessons. This can be overwhelming, but it’s important not to allow all that to deter you from striving to win a chance to compete at The Summit.
For all the cheer parents and coaches out there, we’ve got news for you, too! According to The Foundation for Global Sports Development, youth participation in sports has not only shown to improve academic achievement and levels of self-esteem, but it decreases the numbers of teen pregnancies and dropouts. If that’s not a reason enough to do a herkie, we don’t know what is!

Bank account need a Spotter? Explore your options for financial support from established organizations. 


Cheerleaders have enough to balance already, so a budget shouldn’t be one of them. There are resources out there for those needing help to cover the costs of attending camps and programs to teach the skills needed to make it to The Cheerleading Worlds and beyond.
  • Tuition assistance: Check out Top Cheer’s website to see if your school offers any scholarships or tuition discounts. Offering anywhere from a few hundred dollars a semester to full-tuition scholarships for cheerleaders, there’s plenty of potential for assistance; as we’re sure you know, every little bit helps! 
  • Grants and stipends: The Women’s Sports Foundation offers multiple grants that all focus on developing athleticism and team spirit as young women learn to navigate life.
  • Sponsorships: Cheer Power, a self-proclaimed “trailblazer in the cheer industry” provides a plethora of opportunities for raising and saving cash on all things cheer related. Whether it’s a sponsorship of a single athlete, a coach of the year award, or a bid for an entire team to compete amongst their peers, this organization has their pulse on the industry and wants to help you get a leg up on the competition!


 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Utilize your community by hosting events that will keep the funds flowing and the momentum going

Communities all over the world have an incredible capacity for pitching in when the going gets tough, but don’t think that tragedy has to strike in order to reach out. There are tons of things you can do to get your community involved to help cover the expenses of your next big cheer event.
  • Bake cookies! Hold a bake sale during the school day or at your next big game. Parents, faculty, and fellow students can pitch in to help chip away at the price tag of things like travel, room and board, and uniforms.
  • Create crafts! Have a craft party with your squad-mates and utilize those talented siblings and parents to help make some of your cheer props like bows and pom poms, or even create some incredible tye dye shirts to sell at the next pep rally or at an event especially for your squad!


  • Scrub cars! Take advantage of summer weather and hold car washes in the off-season! School may not be in session, but September comes up faster than you can say double cupie, so grab a sponge and get ready to wax on, wax off! 


Get a Leg up on the Competition: Share your skills and your dreams with the world by creating your own GoFundMe campaign.


Bake sales and car washes are fantastic resources, but there are larger-scale methods of raising the funds you need from your extended network. GoFundMe is an amazing platform designed to help you get the word out using the social media network that you already have. Take a look at some of the incredible ways other cheer squads have used this site to bring their wildest dreams to fruition. 



 The Eagles Have Landed (their goal!)


Cheer coach Cheriece White wanted her team at James Monroe High School in the Bronx to keep their eyes on the prize: competing at Nationals in Florida. As most of the participants came from families who weren’t able to manage the cost of sending their children that far away, she created Eagles Chasing Nationals 2017 to ask for help from the community. They raised over $27,000 in just 48 hours and were able to send all 28 team members to dance and cheer their hearts out at the famed Disney World Resort in Orlando. They even made a video to say thank you!

Paws for a Cause


The cheer squad at Unity Prep Charter School in Brooklyn, New York also had their hearts set on making it to Nationals in Florida but were without the means to make it down the coast on their own. Coach Tatiana Melani stepped up to make her young Panther’s dreams come true and encouraged her kids to be creative and interact with their donors on the GoFundMe campaign she put together. They posted video updates to keep people engaged and express their gratitude when the money started to roll in. (They even did a pretty awesome Mannequin Challenge just for the fun of it!) While they didn’t make their entire goal, the team was thrilled to get over 50% of their hotel and registration costs covered and even received a shout-out from the one and only Ellen DeGeneres via Twitter!

When the Colorado Suns special needs cheer team found out that they had earned their first at-large bid to attend the 2016 USAF Cheerleading Worlds Competition, to say they were ecstatic would be an understatement! With 5 coaches and a parent or caregiver needed to accompany each of the 14 athletes, they definitely had their work cut out for them. Knowing how important it was to attend for the physical and mental health of the team, they quickly turned to GoFundMe and started a campaign for their 501(c)(3) Certified Charity to raise enough money to allow them to make their way to Florida for the big event. Their Funds for Suns to Compete at Worlds campaign raised over $5,000 and were even featured on CBS news for their incredible achievements!

Spring Into Action: Start a GoFundMe Sports Fundraiser  today.


We know that starting something new can be nerve-wracking, but that’s where the GoFundMe Customer Happiness department comes in. Our team is here to guide you along the way as you set up your campaign. If you have questions, we’ve got answers, and more than that, we’ve got the heart and creativity to help you make your fundraiser a total success.
Whether you’re looking to raise a large sum to take your team to the next level in a competition, or if you simply need to bolster funds you already have to put towards new uniforms or gym fees, GoFundMe has a place for you.
All squad members know that in order to execute the perfect Basket Toss, each person must trust and have confidence that they can lean on one another to make it work. Starting your fundraiser is no different, as it too requires the faith and assurance that the people around you will be there to support you when you need it the most. Let others cheer you on for a change and start a sports crowdfunding campaign today.


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