[t]GoFundMe Guarantee FAQs[/t]


[t]GoFundMe Guarantee FAQs[/t]

[t]Which campaigns are covered by the GoFundMe Guarantee?[/t]

[t]The GoFundMe Guarantee currently covers campaigns in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and France.[/t]

[t]Why do you have the GoFundMe Guarantee?[/t]

[t]GoFundMe’s mission is to empower people to help people. We want to make sure that our community feels secure during every step of the giving experience so more people can get help. The GoFundMe Guarantee is here to protect donors (those who give money to a campaign) and beneficiaries (the intended recipient of the campaign funds other than the campaign organizer) in the very rare instances of misuse.[/t]

[t]What do you mean by misuse?[/t]

[t]Any of these actions are considered misuse of GoFundMe:[/t]

  • [t]The campaign organizer doesn’t deliver funds to the intended beneficiary[/t]
  • [t]The campaign description is intentionally misleading to donors[/t]
  • [t]The campaign organizer or beneficiary is charged with a crime related to misrepresentations made in their campaign[/t]

[t]Which donors are covered by the GoFundMe Guarantee?[/t]

[t]The GoFundMe Guarantee covers any donor who gives to a campaign as described above.[/t]

[t]What if I donated to a campaign that I think has misuse?[/t]

[t]If GoFundMe investigates the campaign and confirms that there has been misuse, then we will refund your donation up to $1,000 per campaign.[/t]

[t]What is not covered by the guarantee?[/t]

[t]These situations do not qualify for a refund under the GoFundMe Guarantee. Please see our Guarantee Policy for full details.[/t]

  • [t]A refund of a donation to your own campaign[/t]
  • [t]Regretting the donation[/t]
  • [t]Refunds for offline donations[/t]
  • [t]A personal disagreement with the campaign organizer or beneficiary[/t]

[t]What if I’m the beneficiary of a campaign that has misuse?[/t]

[t]If you are the intended beneficiary of a campaign and the campaign organizer fails to deliver the funds raised on your behalf, then GoFundMe will contribute the undelivered balance of funds, up to $25,000.[/t]

[t]Which beneficiaries are covered by the GoFundMe Guarantee?[/t]

[t]The GoFundMe Guarantee covers any individual beneficiary (not organizations) to a campaign in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and France.[/t]

[t]If I’m a beneficiary, are there times GoFundMe would not give me undelivered funds?[/t]

[t]Yes, there are some important exceptions, including:[/t]

  • [t]Not receiving funds due to garnishment or other legal order[/t]
  • [t]A decision by GoFundMe to designate a different person as the beneficiary[/t]
  • [t]Disagreement over how you’ll receive funds (for example, a trust instead of direct deposit)[/t]
  • [t]Instances where you didn’t pay for what the campaign was intended to reimburse[/t]
  • [t]Your written authorization to GoFundMe and our payment partners to allow someone else to withdraw funds on your behalf[/t]

[t]What’s required to submit a claim under the GoFundMe Guarantee?[/t]

  • [t]You had no role in the misuse[/t]
  • [t]You contacted the campaign organizer and gave them 72 hours to resolve the issue[/t]
  • [t]You fully complete the claim form and all requests for further information[/t]
  • [t]You agree to cooperate with any investigation by GoFundMe or a law enforcement agency[/t]
  • [t]You agree to notify GoFundMe if you receive any funds and fully cooperate with any recovery effort by GoFundMe[/t]
  • [t]If you’re a donor, you must submit the claim within 30 days of the donation and must not file a chargeback[/t]
  • [t]If you’re a beneficiary, you must submit a claim within 90 days of the campaign’s creation and report the misuse to law enforcement[/t]

[t]How do I submit a claim?[/t]

[t]Donors may submit a request here. Beneficiaries may submit a request here. For complete details and limitations, review our full Guarantee Policy.[/t]

[t]What if I have more questions?[/t]

[t]Feel free to ask us here. For more information on all the ways we keep GoFundMe safe, visit this page.[/t]


[t]How do I make a claim?[/t]

[t]Some requirements and restrictions may apply. Please review our FAQ above and Guarantee Policy terms before completing your claim.[/t]

[t]You can always reach out to GoFundMe with any questions by contacting our Happiness Team.[/t]

[t]*The GoFundMe Guarantee applies to campaigns in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and France. Some refund and donation limitations and restrictions apply. View our policy for full details.[/t]

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