#GoBeyondGiving. Start A GoFundMe.
#GoBeyondGiving. Start A GoFundMe.



Start a campaign and add the hashtag #GoBeyondGiving to the campaign description for a chance to win $10,000 for your cause! 

Go Beyond Giving. Start a GoFundMe.

This holiday season, GoFundMe is issuing a challenge. It’s simpler than you think, but more meaningful than you can imagine.


Change someone’s world by starting a campaign.


We’re challenging you because we know it can be done. A man stopped on his morning drive, and now an 89-year-old popsicle vendor could retire. A hungry teen got a new home when a stranger stopped to hear his story in a grocery store. Your everyday routine can become extraordinary if you start looking for how you can change someone’s world.


All it takes is opening your eyes.


Beginning November 15 through December 9, you can have the chance to win a $10,000 donation to your cause from GoFundMe. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.





1. Start a GoFundMe for someone in need, a community project, or a charity.



2. Add the hashtag #GoBeyondGiving to your campaign description and tell us why you are giving thanks by helping out.




3. Share your GoFundMe on social media to start raising money. You’ll need at least 10 unique online donors to qualify to win. Read the official rules here.


We’re giving back on Giving Tuesday.


At GoFundMe, we’re also giving thanks to those who give back. On Giving Tuesday, we will surprise more than 100 #GoBeyondGiving campaigns with $1,000 donations. Tune in on November 29 as we give over $100,000 to campaigns that have touched us.

Start a GoFundMe. Change Someone’s World.

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