This promotion has ended – but stay tuned for more from ClassDojo and GoFundMe!

Raise funds for a classroom iPad

It just takes a few minutes to start raising funds and support from your community

(This promotion has ended, but there will be more to come from ClassDojo and GoFundMe!)


Back to school season is here, and classes everywhere will be creating and learning amazing new things – like poetry, science experiments, and much more. Students will love sharing their work home for parents to see using ClassDojo’s new student-led portfolios.


All you need is at least one classroom iPad! If you don’t have one, create a campaign on GoFundMe today to raise funds, and ClassDojo + GoFundMe will help out by donating $50* 🙂


Welcome Back to School!

* In order to be eligible to receive a $50 prize from GoFundMe, a campaign must be created by September 16, 2016 11:59 pm PST through this link, use #GFMtoSchool in the description, and raise over $250 comprised of donations from at least five (5) unique online campaign donors by September 16, 2016 11:59 pm PST. GoFundMe will deliver all prizes after Oct 3, 2016, but no later than October 14, 2016. If you are not a teacher, you must select the option to have the funds raised withdrawn by a teacher. Please see the official contest rules here. U.S. participants only.


Start a campaign for a teacher or a classroom

Say thanks. Tell your story. There’s no easier way to make a difference.

Share with friends and family

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Teachers accept donations

Teachers receive their money and use it for good.

We set up a GoFundMe campaign during Teacher Appreciation Week, and it made all the difference in the world to my students. Watching donations pour in from people they didn’t even know was so inspiring, and seeing their faces when we gave them their Summer Baskets is something I’ll never forget. 

Aubrey, 1st Grade Teacher from Boston

Featured Campaigns

$13,985House of ChamorrosSan Diego, CA
$13,985 raised by 57 people
$7,607Help Luis fight ALSMinneapolis, MN
$7,607 raised by 100 people
$6,330The Rogers FamilyGeneva, IL
$6,330 raised by 50 people
$6,195Nevada State ShowLas Vegas, NV
$6,195 raised by 33 people
$6,020Healing JBuckeye, AZ
$6,020 raised by 57 people
$5,525Arion's Family FundParamus, NJ
$5,525 raised by 32 people
$4,815Dillon's Recovery FundStar, ID
$4,815 raised by 66 people
$3,665FUMS NEEDS SHADE!Kissimmee, FL
$3,665 raised by 69 people
$3,385Kim's Medical ExpensesParamus, NJ
$3,385 raised by 33 people

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is the world’s largest online fundraising platform, with more than $5B billion raised so far.
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