Frequently Asked Questions

What is this initiative about?
GoFundMe is working with trusted partners to connect members of our giving community with meaningful causes. Karam Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that delivers aid to the refugee youth of Syria. For this initiative, Karam has identified  specific children living in Reyhnli, Turkey, a small town along the Syrian-Turkish border. These children—most of whom haven’t attended school in up to five years and find themselves in child labor—are in need of education and safe housing. With a successful GoFundMe campaign, refugee children’s lives can be changed.


What happens when I select a campaign to lead?
Once you’ve picked children you’d like to sponsor, you’ll be leading a GoFundMe campaign. This means you’ll be fundraising on behalf of these children to reach the preselected goal. The best way to reach the goal is to ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and community members to support the campaign with donations.


How does the campaign work?
You will be in control of the specific GoFundMe campaign that you selected. The Karam Foundation will ensure that the money raised gets to the children you sponsor. Karam will also send you updates on your sponsored children, and you can post those updates on your campaign and notify your donors of the impact you all have had.


Should I make a donation to my campaign?
We recommend that you become the first donor to your campaign to kick things off. Then, share the fundraiser with your friends, family, and community to ask for their support.


Where will the money I raise go?
The money you raise will be sent to the Karam Foundation and they will direct the money to the sponsored children. GoFundMe will share your name and email address with Karam so that they can reach out to you with periodic updates.


Will donations be tax-deductible?
Yes. Donors should receive a tax-deductible receipt from our charity payments partner FirstGiving.


How do I thank my donors?
You can sign into GoFundMe, or use the GoFundMe app, to see donations and thank your donors.


What happens if I don’t raise the whole amount?
All of the money raised, even if you haven’t reached the goal amount, will be sent to children in need. Every dollar counts. If you decide to no longer fundraise, contact us, and we will make the campaign available to someone else in the GoFundMe community.


What happens if I raise more than the goal?
Any additional money raised above the initial goal amount will go to Karam to support their programs.


How much of each donation goes to the charity?
As with all charity campaigns on GoFundMe, there is a GoFundMe fee of 5% per donation and 4.25% per donation by our payment partner FirstGiving. The remaining amount goes to Karam Foundation and is directed to the families you sponsor.


Can multiple people raise money for a specific campaign?
No. When you decide to lead a campaign, you are the only one who controls it. If you decide you’d no longer like to lead a campaign, please reach out to our Happiness team.


How do I edit my campaign description, title, or goal amount?
You will be able to edit your description, title, and goal amount. We strongly suggest that  you describe why you’re supporting these children and why this is meaningful to you. Just be sure to keep all campaign details accurate and transparent for your donors. We reserve the right to modify your campaign description to reflect the story that existed when you sponsored the campaign.


How long do I have to fundraise for this campaign?
One month. Plan to start fundraising now, and end your campaign before Nov 30, 2016.


What if I don’t want to lead this campaign any longer? Can someone else take over?
Contact the GoFundMe support team and we will make the campaign accessible to another person in the GoFundMe community. Any money you’ve raised to date will go to the Karam Foundation, and we will make the children you’ve selected available to others to sponsor.


Can I start a new campaign for another cause?
Yes, if you don’t find a campaign, you can always start your own here:


I got an offline donation. Can I add it to my campaign?
You can’t add offline donations to this page, so it won’t be updated on the campaign. You can either mail in a donation to Karam, or make your own credit card donation to your own campaign.

For any other questions, please contact our Customer Happiness team.

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