Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

1. First, download the app.

If you already have it, you can sign in to the app and tap  ‘Share.’ You’ll see six easy ways to tap and share your campaign! You can select Text Message, Email, Facebook post, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


2. Text your campaign link to your 5 closest friends.

Ask them to share for you! To share your campaign via text, tap the three green lines, then ‘View Campaign,’ and copy your link. Next, go into a text message, hold your finger down in the text box, and tap ‘paste’ to share your campaign link with anyone you choose.




3. Share to your Facebook timeline easily!

Just tap the three green lines, and then, ‘Share My Campaign.’ Want to take it a step further? Tag a few friends by typing @NAME when posting to Facebook. Or, paste your campaign link as a new Facebook timeline post.



4. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for campaign sharing.

To share, just copy and paste your campaign link into a Facebook message, and select the friend you want to send it to! That way, you can share it on Facebook with a more selective audience. Want to send it to more than one person? Add more than one friend to make it a group message.



5. Got Snapchat?

Our favorite way to share on Snapchat is to take a screenshot of your campaign. Then, you can upload it to from your camera roll, add words, emojis, or anything else, and then share it to your ‘Story’ or snap it directly to your friend.



6. Post to Instagram. 

A creative way to share on Instagram is to take a screenshot of your campaign, then upload the screenshot as an Instagram post. Make sure to paste your link into the bio of your profile. If you’re not ready to share with all of your followers, feel free to use direct messages to reach a more select audience.




7. Got WhatsApp?

Our top tip for sharing to WhatsApp is to send your campaign link (and a screenshot of your campaign) to your friends directly.



8. Tweeting from your mobile device has never been easier.

Tap ‘Share,’ then scroll down to the ‘Share Your Campaign’ section. Just tap ‘Twitter,’ then ‘Post to Twitter.’ More points if you add a creative line about your campaign.



9. Write an article for your LinkedIn.

Sign in from your phone, tap ‘Share,’ and then paste your campaign link with a description of your cause. You can ask your LinkedIn network to support you by sharing your campaign link or donating!



Remember That GoFundMe Is Here to Help

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