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Behold! The following Campaign Organizers did an excellent job creating great GoFundMes, and following an effective sharing strategy. Curious how they did it? Here, we give you the top tips that made these GoFundMes successful. 




Blind in Nicaragua – Training


Meet Alan – a Mobility Specialist. Alan has been working in Ometepe, Nicaragua to help the visually impaired. When Alan realized that he needed financial help in order to keep his work going, he started a GoFundMe to gather support from his community.


Here are some winning things that Alan did:

The result? Alan raised $1,410 to support his efforts to change the lives of people in Ometepe.

nicaragua 1

Cameron’s OI Medical and Camp Fund


Cameron is a ten year old with OI, which causes his fragile bones to break often. His Aunt Rachel wanted to brighten up his life, so she started a GoFundMe to send Cameron to a camp with other children who have OI. Aunt Rachel created a campaign that was both easy to read, and meaningful.

How did she do it?

  • Rachel used other GoFundMes as inspiration, to make sure she implemented their best practices in her campaign.
  • Shared the campaign often, and asked others to share (letting supporters know that sharing was as helpful as donating).
  • Colorful photos in the Story livened up the layout.

All of this excellent organizing led to Rachel exceeding their $3,000 goal!




The Love Letters of U. S. Grant


Patricia’s dream was to make a movie about Ulysses S. Grant writing love letters to his life-long sweetheart, Julia Dent. In her words: “‘The Love Letters of Ulysses S. Grant’ shows the importance of reaching out to our loved ones in the military.” Patricia’s creative vision simply needed an equally creative GoFundMe campaign to turn her dream into a reality.

Some unique ways Patricia made her campaign stand out were:


With the help of her community, Patricia is on her way to reaching her goal with $2,200 already raised in support of her cause.

uly 1



Help Sharon Get Back On Her Feet


Justin stepped up to the plate to help Sharon – a 78 year old widow of a heroic Korean War Veteran. Sharon had recently lost everything in a fire, and as the Campaign Organizer, Justin’s mission was to get the story across in a simple way.

Justin create a campaign that was moving, easy to read, and impactful, by following these tips:

Justin ultimately raised $1,400 to help Sharon move forward with her life.




Car 1

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