Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

Whether you’re a player, coach, parent, or booster, we know your sports team means the world to you. So how do you keep up with the rising costs of uniforms, equipment, tournaments, and travel? The answer is simple: a GoFundMe campaign. The community surrounding your team is an incredible resource, and GoFundMe helps you tap into that support to keep your team in fighting form.


Maybe you’ve tried the chocolate bars and wrapping paper sales. Isn’t it time for something more effective—and fun? Read on for some great fundraising ideas that will help your sports team get the all funding you need for a successful season.


“Thank You [Your Initials Here]”
When you’re trying to raise money specifically for uniforms, sneakers, equipment, offer a donation reward where the donor’s contribution to your GoFundMe campaign is recognized. Specifically, get the letters “TY [donor’s initials]” embroidered on the gear they helped buy—or get custom buttons or stickers that say “Thanks!” Even better, include your donors’ names on a giant felt banner that you can hoist up during games to give a special shout-out to your supporters.
Chore Raffle
If you’re part of a sports team, it’s likely you have some special skills – whether it’s the super speed from all those track meets or super strength from those endless lifting sessions. Why not pair off within your team and offer to raffle off some chores? Whether it’s mowing lawns, assembling furniture, or even helping someone figure out the new iPhone update, you’ve likely got skills that people would gladly donate money for. Get creative—then get busy!
Game Day Trivia
Create a fan-based trivia game for a pre-game day event, and have people donate to participate. Maybe that means learning more about the individual players, or the origin of the sports team, or why the mascot is a giant mongoose. Make sure not to release the answers until the next day, so people will be discussing the possible answers throughout the game. Have people send in their answers (and combined donations) by midnight that night so they can be entered to win a prize, like free hot dogs from the concession stand, or photographs with all the players.
Practice Potluck
During a particularly nice day when you guys have practice, have a potluck. Chances are you have a variety of fans and family and friends who would love to get excited and mingle while they watch your team play. Use your GoFundMe campaign to publicize the potluck and get everyone in on the action. And why not get into the competitive spirit by having a Best Dish contest? You’ll have everyone talking—and chipping in to the campaign.[/t]
Flea Market
Organize a flea market where everyone on your team donates clothing, kitchen gear, and other gently worn items. Sell tickets through the campaign for a specific day, and put out lemonade and cookies for people to munch on while buying up your old ski jackets and boxing gloves. Make sure you get the word out to your larger community—there are always folks looking for a great bargain and a great cause.

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