Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

With school budgets getting tighter every year, it’s no wonder more and more educators, parents, and administrators are turning to crowdfunding on GoFundMe. And let’s face it—selling wrapping paper and chocolate bars gets old pretty quickly. That’s why we’ve put together this list of school fundraising ideas that will help you reach your goals while having a blast.


Sunday Brunch at School

Use your school cafeteria for a Sunday and have a really nice, fancy brunch. The price of admission? A donation to your GoFundMe campaign. Make it worth your donors’ while by making it as glamorous as possible while keeping it under budget. Dress up in fancy clothes, put up some homemade decorations, and bond with your classmates over eggs and orange juice. Don’t forget to post pictures online with your own special campaign hashtag to keep the campaign momentum going even after the event. You could even share a video of the brunch and give special shout-outs to your donors.


Chore Raffle

If you’re part of a school club or team, it’s likely you have some special skills – whether it’s the super speed of all those track meets or the letter writing campaign your activist club did recently. Why not get together offer to raffle off some chores? Whether it’s mowing lawns, assembling furniture, or even helping someone figure out the new iPhone update, you’ve likely got skills that people would gladly donate money for. Get creative—then get busy!


Rose Day

It’s simple, really: asking for donations to your GoFundMe campaign in exchange for roses being delivered around the school or neighborhood. This would be perfect for any special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Prom, or Homecoming. Or, you could pick a day special to your team or class. Maybe it’s your teacher’s birthday, or the day of a game, or the day the new Secretary General of the Model UN is elected. No matter which day you settle on, it will be a memorable experience for everyone involved.


After Hours Art Day

Similar to the Sunday Brunch, rent out the art room for an evening. Sell tickets for a still life painting class through your GoFundMe campaign. Grab some paper, paints, and let people’s creativity go wild. Serve hot cocoa or apple cider to add to the cozy atmosphere. Encourage people to post their artwork on social media while linking to your fundraising campaign page. Bonus tip: ask people to bring household objects—a baseball, a flower vase,  or anything else you have around—specifically for the still life portraits.


Flea Market

Organize a flea market where everyone in your school donates clothing, kitchen gear, and other gently worn items. Sell tickets through the GoFundMe campaign for a specific day, and put out lemonade and cookies for people to munch on while buying up your old ski jackets and boxing gloves. Make sure you get the word out to your larger community—there are always folks looking for a great bargain and a great cause.

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