Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

Education is the fastest growing category on GoFundMe, and it’s no surprise: we know that teachers and schools can always use more support. That’s why we would love to help you create a successful education campaign.


You can raise funds for classroom materials, after-school programs, field trips, or anything else that helps students learn.Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or a student, we’re excited to help you get the funding you need.
Tell Your Story with Heart
In your campaign description, tell us why you’re raising funds and about the classroom you hope to support. What is special about the teacher or the students? What are you proud of and want people to know?


The best education campaigns share love for the students and teachers right in the description! Include as much heart and soul as possible, so donors get a real sense of what their donation will be supporting.
Include Photos and Video
Donors love to see photos and videos of students, teachers, and classrooms. If possible, include an informal video that helps explain what the funds will go toward—and if you have permission, include the students! Adding a personal touch makes all the difference in building support for your campaign.
Have a Plan for the Funds
Some schools and districts have procedures they require for how money is ultimately routed to the school. Talk with school leadership to determine the best place for the funds to be withdrawn so that your campaign is in accordance with their guidelines.


Our Happiness team can help a financial administrator of your school or district withdraw the funds directly if you as a parent, teacher, or student are aware you should not withdraw them personally. Just reach out to us here.
Spread the Word
We’ve found that there is a lot of enthusiasm for education campaigns. Donors are glad to have the opportunity to contribute to a specific class or project, so please don’t feel shy about sharing the campaign with community members, in addition to your network of friends and family.


Encourage your connections to share the campaign, even if they aren’t able to contribute themselves. You may be surprised by the people who want to donate to your campaign.
Say Thanks!
Organizers of education campaigns are in a unique position to say thanks using messages, photos, or video from those who benefited from the campaign. Send personal thank-you messages to your supporters so they know what a difference they made. Who knows, maybe they will want to make a donation to a similar campaign next school year!

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