Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

We’ve made it easier than ever to receive  support from your community through our campaign flyer feature. Within seconds, you can download a premade flyer containing your campaign’s main image and the link to your campaign. Campaign flyers can help you reach broader audiences and rally your community together to support your cause.


Here’s how to make the most of this awesome feature:


Customize your campaign link first to make it easier to remember and type. Custom links can be anywhere from 5 and 18 characters long. Feel free to get creative with this!


Ask your favorite local coffee shop or restaurant if you can display your campaign flyer at their business. Local businesses are always looking for causes to support.


Seek out other community centers such as parks, schools, community boards, and shopping centers to post your campaign flyers. The more exposure your campaign receives, the more likely you are to receive support.


Posters are an incredibly influential resource and can help you reach donors who may not have access to social media. They’re low-cost and can help your campaign gain more momentum with your local community.

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