Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

We’re here to help make sure that your campaign goal covers your costs, is attainable, and allows each donor to feel that their donation is meaningful. A well-set goal is an important part of a successful campaign.

Cover Your Bases

Take a look at your situation, and make a list of all of your costs. The more specific you can get, the better. This will give you a solid framework from which you can create a realistic campaign goal.

Think Small Before You Think Big

Once you complete your list, hopefully you’ll learn exactly how much money you’ll need to raise. Is that number enormous? If so, look back on your list and see if there are any specific costs you can focus your campaign on. For example, instead of raising funds for a lifetime of caretaking, can you instead raise funds to cover six months of care? You can always edit your goal amount later, and you can still raise funds even if you meet your goal.

Make Each Donation Meaningful

When setting your goal, think about your donors. While you might think you need one million dollars to make your campaign a success, donors may feel less drawn to contribute $5 when it will do so little to help you reach your goal. Make sure each donor feels they’re contributing a meaningful amount by setting an attainable goal. Plus, a smaller goal means you can more regularly send updates about your progress!

Factor in the Fees

GoFundMe and our payment processor automatically deducts a fee from each donation. Make sure you factor this amount into your goal amount. Since our fee is deducted from each donation in real-time, you’ll never need to worry about getting billed or owing us any money. And, your donors are never charged more than they donate.

Be Transparent
The best campaigns are extremely clear about where each dollar will go in their campaign description. Make the transparency of your campaign stand out by including an itemized list of costs somewhere in your campaign description.
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