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Creating and managing a campaign takes time and dedication. If you are not comfortable starting a campaign for yourself, why not enlist the help of a close friend or family member to create one for you?


Some of our most successful campaigns are created on behalf of other individuals. You might be surprised by the amount of support you can receive from your friends and family.


Also, with our new beneficiary invite feature, you can personally withdraw all funds raised while a friend or family member manages the campaign.


Here are some of the benefits of having someone else create a campaign on your behalf:


A Higher Quality Campaign
Seek out the friend who is a great writer, a family member who loves photography, or even someone who is passionate about your same cause! They can help you write the perfect campaign description or select an amazing main image. You can also ask friends who are active on social media for sharing tips and advice. Sometimes, two brains are better than one!
More Credibility
Reading your story through the perspective of a friend or family member can help you build more credibility with donors. The thoughtful and heartfelt words from a close friend or family member can create more of a personal appeal.
A Broader Audience
Sharing your campaign creatively and consistently is the key to success on GoFundMe. By recruiting the help of a friend and family member, you can share your campaign with their extended social networks and receive more support for your cause.


Of course, if you want to start your own campaign, that is completely okay too! Either way, asking a friend or family member for a second opinion or assistance is a great idea.


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