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When an emergency strikes, many people turn to GoFundMe to gather support fast. Whether it’s a natural disaster, medical emergency, life-threatening event, or a time when you or a loved one needs a helping hand, a GoFundMe campaign can be the perfect solution for covering life’s unexpected costs.


We’ve seen emergency campaigns to support people who have been victims of a tragic flood, house fire, earthquake, motor-vehicle accident, and more. Creating a GoFundMe campaign can help you gather the support necessary to survive and overcome this event. Here are a few ways a GoFundMe campaign can to help you or loved one in an emergency.
Use Your Campaign to Tell Your Story
During an emergency, it can be difficult to take time to tell all of your friends and family about what happened. Creating a GoFundMe campaign can allow you to easily write out your story and share it with the people who are closest to you.
Give Your Friends and Family an Easy Way to Support You
When all of your efforts are focused on survival and moving forward, it can be hard to ask for help. With your campaign, you’ll be able to let your supporters know your condition, what you need, and that you appreciate their support. The truth is, that we all need a little bit of help sometimes. It’s truly amazing to see the support you can gather on your campaign and the generosity that can stem from it.
Post Updates to Keep Your Supporters in the Loop

You’ll be able to easily share any news with your supporters. Posting updates allow you to share:

    • Updates about how you’re doing
    • Messages of appreciation and thanks
    • Relevant photos
These kinds of updates help people feel connected you and allow them to be up to date on how you’re doing.
Remember That GoFundMe Is Here to Help
With a GoFundMe campaign, you’ll be able gather support when it’s most needed. The GoFundMe Customer Happiness team is here for you 24/7, and we’re wishing you strength during this trying time.


If your campaign is specifically for medical expenses, be sure to review this guide to help you create your campaign.


If you’re raising funds for memorial or funeral expenses, this article will guide you with that process.

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