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Going to college is a dream come true for many of us, but the rising costs can seem like an overwhelming obstacle. That’s why it’s no wonder more and more college students and their parents and communities are turning to crowdfunding on GoFundMe. It’s a debt-free way to finance your college expenses, and it’s an opportunity for those who care about you the most to invest in your future. Read on for some great fundraising ideas to keep those donations flowing for your college education.


Hand Delivered Gifts

It’s simple, really: asking for donations in exchange for hand-delivering gifts around campus or your hometown. Whether it’s hand-crafted cards or special bouquets or handmade lanyards, this is a great way for you to reach out to friends and family and show them how dedicated and hardworking you are—and will be—when it comes to college. This would be perfect for any special occasion, but you should pick a day with importance to you. Then ask everyone who donates to post on social media about your gift, your GoFundMe campaign, and the special hashtag you’ve picked out just for the day.


Host a Brunch

Invite people over for a really nice, fancy brunch. The price of admission? A donation to your GoFundMe campaign. Make it worth your donors’ while by making it as glamorous as possible while keeping it under budget. Dress up in fancy clothes, put up some homemade decorations, and bond with your friends and family over eggs and maybe a little bubbly, if that’s your thing. Don’t forget to post pictures online with your own special campaign hashtag to keep the campaign momentum going even after the event. You could even share a video of the brunch and give special shout-outs to your donors.


Chore Raffle

If you’re going to college, it’s likely you have some special skills— whether it’s the super speed, thanks to all of those track meets, or heading up the letter writing campaign your activist club did recently. Why not ask a friend to pair up with you on a GoFundMe campaign and raffle off some chores? Whether it’s mowing lawns, assembling, or even helping someone figure out the new iPhone update, you’ve likely got skills that people would gladly donate money for. Get creative—then get busy!


Personal Trivia Quiz

Chances are you’re some kind of nerd—maybe it’s baseball, maybe it’s swing dancing, maybe it’s just Star Trek. Whatever your special interest is, turn it into a trivia quiz to share with your friends, family, and college friends. Donors to your GoFundMe campaign get tickets to the big night. Get ready to play the MC as you test everyone’s knowledge—and make sure to write easy, moderate, and difficult questions to keep your guests’ attention. Give out silly prizes from the drugstore to reward correct answers.


Lecture Circuit

If you’re raising money for college, you’ve already achieved a huge dream that many people are aiming to accomplish: getting into college. Set up a GoFundMe campaign where parents and teachers and youth leaders can donate to have you speak with young kids about the process of applying colleges, how you organized your personal resume, and how you chose the major you did. The great thing is this can work for all four years of college, and is a great entrepreneurial project that can help you find jobs later on.

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