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Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

No matter your faith, a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign makes it easy to fundraise for events and collect donations for your church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or any other religious group or community. Whether you’re fundraising for a mission, your choir, youth group, Sunday school, or holiday festival, read on for some great fundraising ideas to make the most out of your religious GoFundMe campaign.


Youth Groups, Choirs, and Classes

It’s likely you have individual groups as part of your house of worship who all need a boost with their budget. Once you figure you how much each group needs to raise, you can create a Wish List item for each activity: $500 for the choir, $250 for Sunday school, etc. This way, you can have one central GoFundMe campaign for your community, and folks can direct their dollars to their favorite groups. Add a little healthy competition to the mix and see who reaches their goal the quickest!


Faith-Based Telegrams

It’s simple, really: asking for donations in exchange for hand-delivering gifts around the community. This would be perfect for any special religious occasion, but the key is to make it an action rather than just a gift. Maybe it means singing carols on around Christmas or handing out treats at sundown around Eid. It’ll be a great chance to talk with donors and make both you and them feel truly connected to your community and your faith.


Chore Raffle

One great thing about faith-based community is how it can bring together people of very different skills together, from lawyers with their eagle eyes for drawing up contracts to chefs who can whip up a mean flan. Why not raffle off some of those skills? Whether it’s getting advice on buying a house from a real estate agent or asking someone who works in HR to look over your resume, both the people with the skills and the donors in need of them will benefit from the experience. This can lead to new friendships and connections throughout the community.


Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, so why not expand on that? Create a faith-based scavenger hunt for a holiday and have people donate to participate. Maybe that means doing good deeds around the neighborhood, or it can mean doing research about one’s faith. Up the ante by posting about your search on social media and sharing your adventures under a hashtag so other donors can follow you on your journey (even as they compete!). This is also a great chance to make teams and meet people in your communities that you might not know well.


Holiday Potluck

Pick an important day for a potluck dinner—it can be on a specific day of the week, like Shabbat, or a holiday, like Easter Sunday. Use the fundraising campaign to organize what you want to bring to a potluck. Sell tickets for the potluck through your GoFundMe campaign, so that people who don’t or can’t make food can join. A potluck is a great opportunity to chat about the food with whoever made it—and if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share their family recipes.


Discussion Conference

Host a small conference about your faith and encourage people to donate in order to sponsor certain lectures, talks, or panels, as well as buy tickets for the conference. Invite people to submit ideas for review and invite people onto panels. Be sure to especially encourage youth to donate their time and effort. Record videos of the best talks and post them on your church, temple, synagogue, or mosque’s website.

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