Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

Want to strengthen your faith in a new way? Here are some of the creative ways we’ve seen campaign organizers use GoFundMe to help their religious community.
Mission Trips
Mission trips can be very meaningful to the community you’ll be visiting. Creating a GoFundMe campaign can allow you to selflessly serve others, without having to worry about your travel expenses.
Youth Groups & Outreach Programs
Having youth groups and outreach programs are a wonderful way to get your community involved and connected. A GoFundMe campaign can help you create an impactful youth group or program by covering that costs that will go into it.
Your church choir may be your second family. Having a GoFundMe campaign can help you support you and your fellow choir members with any registration, uniform, or travel expenses that may arise.
Church or House of Worship Maintenance
With time comes wear and tear. If your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque is due for maintenance, you can create a GoFundMe campaign to the gather the funds needed from your community.
Let Us Know If You Need More Help
We hope that these suggestions will be helpful for you throughout your fundraising experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Happiness Team if we can assist you with anything along the way.

Why GoFundMe?

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