Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

There are two things we know to be true: There are a lot of great charities and nonprofits out there, and there are a lot of people willing to help. The challenge? Connecting the right people with the right cause. That’s where GoFundMe comes in. With a charity campaign on GoFundMe, it’s never been easier to share causes that matter with people who want to help.


Whether it’s for a local charity, an international nonprofit, or just a deserving person in your area, you can fundraise quickly and easily on GoFundMe. Here are some great ideas that will help you go beyond bake sales and candy bars for your charity fundraising.


Cocktail Lecture Series

Create a GoFundMe campaign where people can donate to get tickets to a cocktail lecture series. Invite important members of the charity—authors, board members, and founders—to speak in a fellow charity member’s living room. After the main event, allow a lot of time for people to mingle and make new connections. Wear fancy clothes, share pictures online with your own special hashtag, and post videos of the lecturer speaking about what’s important to them—all while linking to the next fundraising event in the series.


Make a Birthday Wish

You know how great it feels to have all those birthday wishes come in on Facebook every year? Make it more meaningful by asking your friends to donate to a GoFundMe campaign that’s raising money for your favorite charity. You can ask your friends to make donations in the same amount of your new age: $30 if you’re turning 30, for instance. Take advantage of all the birthday goodwill and cheer by encouraging donations and shares—it’s sure to be a birthday wish you’ll remember.


Email Newsletter

There are plenty of free email marketing services these days. Why not take advantage and set up a weekly newsletter just for your charity or nonprofit? You can include upbeat stories of how the charity is making a different, quotes from people you’ve helped out, and profiles of your best volunteers. Just make sure to put your GoFundMe campaign front and center in each newsletter! The more fun and engaging your newsletter is, the more likely your donors will be to forward it to their friends.


Host a Brunch

Invite people over for a really nice, fancy brunch. The price of admission? A donation to your GoFundMe campaign. Make it worth your donors’ while by making it as glamorous as possible while keeping it under budget. Dress up in fancy clothes, put up some homemade decorations, and bond with your friends over eggs and maybe a little bubbly, if that’s your thing. Don’t forget to post pictures online with your own special campaign hashtag to keep the campaign momentum going even after the event. You could even share a video of the brunch and give special shout-outs to your donors.


DIY Walk-A-Thon

Walk-a-thons are tried and true in the charity fundraising space, so why not take the idea and make it your own? You can do a custom walk-a-thon just for your GoFundMe campaign by encouraging people to donate based on their FitBit or iPhone steps for a week. This means they can post about their steps daily on social media—nothing like some friendly competition to boost donations! Even giving at a ratio like $15 for 15,000 steps will make a huge difference if it’s every day for a week. Think of something special to do for your top stepper to recognize their contributions.

Why GoFundMe?

Mobile-friendly campaigns

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GoFundMe mobile app

No deadlines or goal requirements

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