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At some point in our lives, all of us have been affected by cancer—either a personal battle or helping a loved one with the disease. Besides the physical and emotional tolls, fighting cancer can be an enormous financial burden. That’s why more and more people are turning to GoFundMe to fundraise for the medical costs, insurance bills, and other expenses resulting from cancer.


When you or a loved one is fighting cancer, you’re often faced with not enough time or money. There are appointments after appointments, extended recovery times, and bills piling up. GoFundMe can help you get the financial support you’ll need during this difficult time. It’s a one-stop shop for fundraising that makes it easy to rally support from friends and family, post updates (so you don’t have to make so many calls or send so many emails), and get words of encouragement. GoFundMe also has world-class, 5-minute customer support, available 24/7. We want to you know that you’re not fighting this alone.


Create a Support Hub

Tailored to your or your loved one’s situation, encourage your donors to share stories, photos, and positive thoughts in one central place online. This could be a Facebook group, a Tumblr blog, or even your GoFundMe campaign itself. The idea is to create a sense of community and support during the fight against cancer. This way, you can raise funds and raise spirits at the same time—not to mention keep everyone in the loop without having to pick up the phone or send countless texts.


Show Your Colors

Whenever someone donates to or shares your GoFundMe campaign, encourage them to wear the awareness color of the canceryou are aiming to fight. They can either wear a ribbon or match their outfit to the color. Then, have your supporters change their Facebook or other social network avatar photos and have them share a link to your campaign. This way, you can boost donations and raise cancer awareness at the same time.


Make a Birthday Wish

You know how great it feels to have all those birthday wishes come in on Facebook every year? Make it more meaningful by asking your friends to donate to a GoFundMe campaign that’s raising money to fight cancer. It can be for you, a loved one, or your favorite cancer charity. Take advantage of all the birthday goodwill and cheer by encouraging donations and shares—it’s sure to be a birthday wish you’ll remember.


Host a Brunch

Invite people over for a really nice, fancy brunch. The price of admission? A donation to your GoFundMe campaign. Make it worth your donors’ while by making it as glamorous as possible while keeping it under budget. Dress up in fancy clothes, put up some homemade decorations, and bond with your friends over eggs and maybe a little bubbly, if that’s your thing. Don’t forget to post pictures online with your own special campaign hashtag to keep the campaign momentum going even after the event. You could even share a video of the brunch and give special shout-outs to your donors.


DIY Walk-A-Thon

Walk-a-thons are tried and true in the cancer fundraising space, so why not take the idea and make it your own? You can do a custom walk-a-thon just for your GoFundMe campaign by encouraging people to donate based on their FitBit or iPhone steps for a week. This means they can post about their steps daily on social media—nothing like some friendly competition to boost donations! Even giving at a ratio like $15 for 15,000 steps will make a huge difference if it’s every day for a week. Think of something special to do for your top stepper to recognize their contributions.


“Thinking of You” E-Cards

Because you want your campaign to reach a wide range of people, why not design some pretty e-cards that donors and potential donors can send to each other? Get an arty friend to draw up a few e-card designs and encourage donors to select one to send alongside personal messages to friends and family. You can also provide some pre-written messages tailored to your campaign. By connecting the sentiment of “thinking of you” with your campaign, people will feel touched and encouraged to pass along the favor.

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