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Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

Some of our most successful campaigns are created from mobile devices. You can easily start, share, and manage your campaign directly from your phone using the GoFundMe app.


Here’s why you should download our app right away:


1. Share with Ease

The GoFundMe app makes sharing via social media both easy and effective. You can reach broader audiences from your phone by sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram right from the app.


2. Keep Donors Engaged

Keeping in close contact with donors is crucial. The GoFundMe app allows you to thank your donors and post updates in real time, which keeps your donors in the loop. What’s more, the app can send push notifications to your mobile device so you’re always up to date!


3. Connect Faster

Studies have found that many donors prefer giving directly from their mobile devices. The GoFundMe app helps you reach your contacts faster than ever before through our text message feature. Our app is also compatible with WhatsApp so you can text your friends abroad, too.


4. Create Better Content

Add multiple photos from your mobile device using our video slideshow feature. This feature allows you paint a picture for your cause and add dimension to your campaign. Think of all the great images you have stored to your phone! Instead of selecting just one main image, you can have four or five photos that help tell your story.


So what are you waiting for? Head to your phone’s app store and download the GoFundMe app today!


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GoFundMe mobile app

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