Fundraiser Toolkit

Learn tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser

Reward Levels are one of the simplest tools you can use to make your campaign sparkle. They’re an easy way for you to drum up donations from supporters who might need just a little more persuasion.


Since every dollar counts when raising funds, we wanted to share our favorite ideas for free rewards that you can offer your donors to give your campaign a boost.


1. Offer Five Days of “You’re Awesome!” Emails

Offer five days of personalized emails to your donors, sharing one awesome compliment about the individual each day. Special, right? We’d sure love to wake up to an email like that in our inbox.


2. A Handmade Card

Offer to send your donors a handmade card. This gesture makes supporters feel so appreciated and adds a personal touch.


3. A Thank-You Video

A simple thank-you video that you can make on a mobile device or laptop may entice some of your supporters to donate. If you have a special skill—like playing an instrument or a great dance move—you can offer to perform it on a personalized thank-you video!


The best thing about these rewards? They’re free! To learn how to set them up, visit here.

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